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Welcome everyone;

We are now living at the farm in Tennessee.
The house in Toney has sold as of June.
Everything we own is in a POD.
Just got tags yesterday.
Drivers licenses soon.
Register to vote next.
Electrical, Gutters, plumbers and excavator planned and ready to start.


Enjoy the site!

Disclaimer: This website and it's content are for friends and family of the Fitzgeralds'. Please, do not take anything on these pages seriously as we do not in creating them. If you do not like what you see here or are offended by it, move on and get over it. Life is too short to get upset over stupid things like a webpage. On top of that I am a known story teller, exaggerator and come from a long line of story tellers, fishermen, pilots, rednecks and truck drivers all of which have been known to tell a whopper of a tale.   

2023 is half gone.

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